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Buying the rick and morty season 1 dvds was simultaneously the worst and best decision ive made in a while :^y ive never seen such a beautiful and amusing crock of shit being sold for 25 dollars, pls buy one for yourself if u r a fan its just as awful as ur hoping its gonna be

mancameron replied to your post: mancameron replied to your post: woww…

ughhhhh. which youtubers do you watch?? i was gonna at least check it out for myself to verify the blandness, god i can’t wait to be making these games because these people sure as hell don’t know how to do it

rn im watching markiplier and theradbrad play it. they are certainly not the only ones tho haaa there are a few others. at least its more fun just cuz its them talking through it at least. :^/

shreksforthememories replied to your post: wowww holy shit “the evil within” is …

well frick so much for survival horrors comeback

more like survival SNORError LMAOOOO