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thatcrazylittlethingy asked:
OMG. Your art is so DAMN amazing. Iam so happy that I find u <3333 and your hair tutorial was so helpfull. And you use sai aswell, right? I tried two times to get it but it was with a virus. Can u tell me where to get it safe? :3 -hug hug-

well thank u v much!! :^)) alas tho i used photoshop cs5 - i have no idea where to help u get a safe sai download :^/ sry dood!

OKAY so i have 2 go to sleep cuz my mom may be getting me up to go shopping tomorrow but ill be back on tomorrow night and i may do more of these requests but idk!!

tbh i was rly surprised i got as many as i did and im rly sry if i end up not getting to ppls. 

i read all ur messages tho so thank u all for shootin me a request!! 

aight gnight my lil turnips U3U